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USDA Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder-culinary grade 100g

  • 100g/ 3.52 oz of 100% Premium Culinary Grade Matcha Green Tea powder, Certified USDA Organic

  • RICH in ANTIOXIDANTS - Contains antioxidants & amino acids including (EGCG) & (L-Theanine), cholesterol, gluten & sugar free. Best black tea and Herbal Teas Substitute!

  • FAT BLOCKER - Matcha green tea contains the polyphenol EGCG, a thermogenic component which believed to promote weight loss by boosting fat metabolism, lowering cholesterol & blood sugar, detoxifies the body.

  • INCREASE MEMORY AND CONCENTRATION - Matcha green tea contains L - Theanine, an amino acid known to relax the mind, boost energy, relieves stress naturally. Helps to prevent disease and reduce skin aging.

  • VEGAN SUPERFOOD . Perfect for preparing your favorite Cakes, Smoothies, Latté , Iced Teas Recipes, Herbal Teas and Perfect for Steak Tenderizer.

  • ENERGY BOOSTER - Matcha’s caffeine has an alkalizing effect, resulting in a much gentler influence on the stomach, which gradually aids with digestion, healing, cleansing. Best coffee substitute!

  • INCREDIBLE TASTE - Organic matcha, it smells fresh and inviting, just like freshly blended baby tea buds. It taste a bit sweet, is a result of the complexity of the amino acids in the tea.